Absolute Theatre is ideally placed to offer businesses and organisations bespoke training and corporate development packages, aimed at improving communication and presentation. The company has considerable experience in working with a wide range of clients in both the private and public sectors and has access to a pool of associated actors and practitioners with relevant skills and backgrounds.

Weak presentation can undermine the best message. Many professionals know what it is like to sit listening to an inaudible speaker, one who gabbles nervously, constantly repeats him/herself or talks in a slow dreary monotone.

Absolute Theatre offers carefully tailored presentation workshop sessions,either for groups or for individuals, at all levels within the organisation. A session might examine general aspects of presentation or concentrate on a particular area, such as speaking in conjunction with visual material. We aim to highlight and encourage the good points, looking at voice, body language and eye contact to reaffirm personality and natural self-confidence.

Again, based on the particular needs and circumstances of an organisation, we can create a programme that helps a team interact, exchange information more effectively and form a better understanding of the tasks and problems that other members of the team encounter. Absolute Theatre sessions are usually a lot of fun and the simple process of being able to laugh together can prove a great boost to communication!

All training packages can be tailor-made to meet specific requirements, following a training needs analysis. We also offer a range of ready-made courses:

– celebrating creativity in the work place
– client and situation handling

We specialise in facilitating uniquely effective role play and forum sessions. Courses can run from half day to weeklong events virtually anywhere in the world. Sessions can be aimed at individuals or entire workforces.

Our clients include The Department of Work and Pensions, The Whitbread Group, The Abena Group, Coca-Cola and Laing Homes.



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