Produced in collaboration with TEATRO REGIONAL DA SERRA DO MONTEMURO, Portugal. Premiered Auditório Municipal de Cinfães, Portugal 17 February 2018; UK premiere The Performance Hub Walsall 16 March 2018. ‘The end of the world is nigh! Well maybe! The Horsemen of the Apocalypse assemble to fulfil their prophesied function. With epic scale incompetence they grapple with universal destruction and deck-chairs.’
A comical, magical, nonsensical delight for the whole family, ‘The 4 Clowns of The Apocalypse’ is a clowning piece without language, suitable for all ages. View More…
The Vauxhall Times project is a collaboration between Absolute Theatre, Walnut Tree Walk Primary School and the Vauxhall Gardens Community Centre, developed with the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund and Mrs. Margaret Guido’s Charitable Trust. During June and July of 2018, the school’s Year 5 looked at news stories and other sources from the local area going back hundreds of years. These included looking at the origin of street names and of the words ‘Kennington’, which is referred to in the Doomsday Book as ‘Chenintune’ and probably comes from ‘place of the king’ – possibly the Danish King Harthacnut. View More…

Absolute Theatre was formed in 1991 with the intention of championing European theatre, revitalising neglected classics and exploring new work and collaborations.
The company developed an innovative, highly visual style, providing audiences with a sensorial, emotional and intellectual experience not available through any other medium. A string of critically-acclaimed productions included Lorca’s Dona Rosita The Spinster, Yerma, The Shoemaker’s Wondrous Wife (BAC and Festival de Almada, Portugal), Queen Christina by Pam Gems, When We Dead Awaken by Henrik Ibsen and Molière’s The Misanthrope. Funding was secured to commission new translations of Dürrenmatt’s Play Strindberg and Spiel im Berg by Austrian writer Felix Mitterer as well as arrange rehearsed readings, which include Mitterer’s acclaimed monologue Siberia (performed by Dudley Sutton at the Austrian Cultural Forum) and an adaptation for stage of Leon Garfield’s novel The Pleasure Garden.

The company strives to stimulate and challenge the existing theatre audience and actively to create new audiences. Over the years it has established strong connections with other theatres and arts bodies, in particular, the Theatre Royal, Bath, where the company’s creative team has been involved in a number of productions which include tours of Twelfth Night, Wedekind’s Spring Awakening and a new adaptation of Electra, several youth theatre shows and a revue piece for the Bath Shakespeare Festival.

Absolute has regularly delivered training and education programmes, often as an element of the performances. Close links with schools and colleges within London and further afield have developed, leading to several site-specific residency projects. These include The Crowgate (Newham, East London), Jericho Stone(Kingston, Jamaica) and Portland Stories/Quarters Kids (Dorset). The company continues to offer theatre workshops and individual tuition for professionals and non-professionals, for all ages and in all circumstances. The sessions are geared towards a fun, lively and supportive atmosphere in which to learn about acting, building self-confidence and self-expression or to develop specific skills.









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